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We help optimize the world of e-commerce and implement data-driven marketing strategy. As a marketing agency, we are dedicated to implementing effective e-commerce sales strategies, especially for small businesses.

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We help small e-commerce

Our greatest asset as a marketing agency is our experience in optimizing marketing efforts and omni-channel e-commerce strategies. We specialize in helping smaller e-commerce stores establish themselves in the dynamic online sales market. We love to share our knowledge of growth hacking.

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E-Commerce Strategy

We will suggest how to create your marketing activity in the context of e-commerce development. We will suggest to stores how to effectively and optimally increase sales and not burn through the budget

Google Analytics 4 implementations

We implement analytics pixels of various platforms. We effectively implement conversion measurement from Facebook, Google, Linkedin, Pinterest, Bing Ads platforms. We specialize in Google Analytics 4 and Firebase.

Marketing Campaigns

We implement marketing campaigns on Facebook, Linkedin and Pinterest channels. We provide consultation on effective marketing data analytics

Data reporting and analysis

We create unified reporting environments for a better understanding of the performance of individual marketing channels.

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Marketing agency Gliwice –

We are a marketing agency specializing in the implementation of analytical tools in Digital Marketing and the implementation of advertising campaigns based on a data-driven approach. We specialize in Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin ads. As a marketing agency from Gliwice, we specialize in creating online sales strategies, especially for smaller e-commerce companies looking to break out and optimize their marketing strategy.

In an era of wide and intense competition, an effective online sales strategy is extremely necessary to accurately diagnose the areas that generate profit and those that burn through the marketing budget. Our marketing agency specializes in analyzing data from various advertising platforms to optimize the course of action to maximize profit as the main KPI of any e-commerce business.


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